Universal 1080° Rotation Extender Faucet

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Product Description:

A faucet extender for toddlers has a powerful spray shower and a soothing foam stream. For speedy stain removal and dishwashing, use the forceful spray shower mode. For hand and face washing and mouth rinsing, use the oxygen-enriched foam stream mode. This mode uses an air-infused foamer that is splash-proof and creates a gentle touch water stream.

Using a 1080° rotation more intimate design and 3D free rotation folding storage, the faucet extender for the bathroom sink makes it easier to clean the basin. With a comfortable water experience and the ability to easily turn the faucet in the desired direction, use and cleaning are both made easier.

Especially for children, the elderly, and ladies with long hair, the new improved version of the mechanical arm rotating sink faucet aerator can rotate 1080 degrees, the front and back height and angle are freely adjustable, less bending, and makes washing face, hair, and teeth more convenient.