Nordic Ceramics Dinner Tableware 'Platos De Cena'

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Product Descriptions:

It's not merely a plate, either. Mora, which is Latin for "Pause," serves as a reminder to take it all in and calm down. You are constantly being urged to achieve more, move more quickly, and improve yourself, yet now is the time to occasionally take it easy and savor a meal. You may accomplish that using your Mora plates. A Mora plate serves as a constant reminder to slow down, take some time for yourself, and engage in mindful dining.

Since the glaze is so strong, knives and forks won't scratch it. Only we can create a glossy crystalline glaze that is resilient enough to withstand 1000 grams of pressure without scratching. Please be aware that some silverware may develop black marks owing to the finish; these marks are not caused by scratches but rather by metal residue. See the information below for instructions on how to remove metallic stains. You were in mind when clay was polished and burnt. You get a ceramic plate that is 20% stronger and more durable from us because no one else has Paladin Clay. The form was created to stack and nestle gracefully in your cabinet or shelves, enhance the appearance of your food, and provide you joy every day. Our kitchen plates can go in the freezer, oven and microwave.