LED color changing colorful led shower

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Product FAQ:

Surface Treatment: electroplating
Housing material: ABS
Colors: 7 color LED shower head.

Effect: Yes, Mix light and water
Installation: Shower handle connects directly to your shower hose
Connectivity: No batteries, no wire required
Handwork: Adjustment for 20mm diameter screw handle bar

Transform the water flow into a beautiful cascade of light
Offer you a bath of pleasure and a wonderful experience
LED color change will not be subject to water temperature
Automatically change a color every 2 to 5 seconds
Seven colors are displayed circularly and gradually as the water flows through

Size: about 84 (D) x 200 (L) mm (max)
Main color: silver
LED numbers: 5 LEDs
Material: stainless steel

Package Includes:
1 colored LED shower headHGA004201-S-32-1