Grid Crowd Plate divides the dinner

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In out plates include four suction cups instead of the more popular one-suction plate, which is simple to pull off. Each suction cup is uniformly distributed on the bottom to maintain the plate sturdy and pull proof, reducing spills when your children first begin to feed themselves. It adheres effectively to most surfaces, especially those on highchair trays for kids, and it stays put during the entire meal. The entire plate is 7.8" by 1.3" and has three compartments (1 large and 2 small) measures as 10cm, 10cm and 22cm.

When assembling a nutritious meal for a newborn beginning to eat, divided portions are ideal for portioning and dividing food. Parents can prepare different foods in each segment, even soup or yogurt at the same time. With the help of these leakproof and soft, flexible silicone plates, it is simple to portion out and share restaurant meals while on the road. Large amounts of food can be placed on thick, resilient, unbreakable, and sturdy plates without the plates buckleing, chipping, or splitting. fantastic for outdoor and travel.