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Product Description:

The partition value on the digital measuring spoon scale is 0.1g, and it has an accurate sensor and LCD. The range of measurement is 0.5g to 500g. Please read the product when it is in a horizontal position because of the mechanical concept. Significant tilt will reduce its accuracy.

These gram measuring spoons are composed of ABS eco-friendly plastic and stainless steel, and they have superb construction and a lovely aesthetic. With the peel feature, you can accurately read food and ingredient weights by deducting the weight of your container. Please consult the handbook for usage instructions in more detail.

The surface of the straightforward and fashionable digital spoon scale has a 5/10/15/25/30ML scale. It is ideal for everyday household usage in the kitchen and for weighing ingredients such as butter, wheat, cream, tea, sauces, etc. while cooking or baking. Additionally, it can be found in cat food and coffee beans.

Instant weight reading with our electronic measuring spoons; turn on by pressing the "TARE" button; lock/unlock data by pressing the "HOLD" button. By converting between the four measurement units when you press the "Mode" button, you may measure a variety of components and foods.