Anti-collision Silicone Car Shock Pad

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Product Description:

10 mm of compressed thickness have ventilation holes. Ensure that closing the door properly won't result in a leaky seal. It offers elegant decor that is well-matched to your automobile to give it a completely new look.

Made of premium PVC, which is strong, long-lasting, and difficult to fall off. Your door is kept comparatively quiet by it. Rubber pads are well-fitting, waterproof, and sunblock. No drilling or cutting is necessary, there is no risk of damaging the paint, and the product's back is cemented for a secure fit that won't tear off. It won't be impacted by the rain, even if it becomes wet.

In order to paste something, please clear the area first. You can immediately paste it because the back has tape on it. The door shock absorber can be mounted in a variety of locations across the entire vehicle, including the trunk door and the hood, to effectively protect the door's edge from minor dings or paint peeling, shield the door from scratches and impacts, and safeguard the doors.