LED UV Light Photon Face Mask

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Product Description:

Employing photodynamic therapy, the acne mask will improve the appearance of your skin. Face red light therapy - Blood Flow is Increased, and Collagen is Produced wrinkles on white skin Reduces Skin Grease, Smoothens & Energizes the Skin, Improves Pigmentation, Fine Lines, and Anti-Aging, and Tightens Skin.

This skin care face mask For all types of skin, the LED Photon Mask is suitable. Particularly for T-zone oil skin facial care, red light therapy. Select your required condition color scheme, then begin enhancing your facial beauty.

The natural light waves transmitted by the LED light therapy mask activate photoreceptors in skin cells to improve your complexion. Additionally, this acne mask had no adverse effects and was constructed of 150 non-heating LED bulbs.


  • Reduce and prevent wrinkles, helps fight fatty areas
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Minimize Pores
  • Balance skin tone
  • Enhance circulation
  • Inhibit the formation of melanin pigment
  • Accelerate blood circulation
  • Minimize scarring
  • Relaxation, elevate immune system
  • Boost Sleep quality
  • Improve face Blood Circulation
  • Temporary relief of sore and stiffness
  • Contribute to a healthier skin
  • Help to Activated the collagen
  • Promote skin collagen growth, make the skin more translucent and bright.
  • Tighten pores, making the skin firmer, improve skin brightness, more smooth and elastic
  • Accelerate Detoxification
  • Effectively accelerate skin metabolism rate, promote the excretion of toxins of skin
  • Oxygen Increase
  • Promote skin permeability, increase oxygen to lock skin moisture
  • Repair Skin
  • Promote blood circulation, lighten freckless and red bloodshot